06 October 2011

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So logged into my blogger dash today to see that I have 1009 page views! *and there was much rejoicing*  I think that's pretty good for a blog with 8 followers, no focus, and 31 posts plus this one.  I certainly wouldn't mind more followers and the like, but my life isn't all that interesting.

In other news I was over at Woodn't Ya Know It reading about Woody's trip to a Precious Moments Museum and his trip to a Blue October concert.  He'd never heard of them but I've got some of their stuff in iTunes, though I'm not sure where it came from.  He also raved about the duet opener, IAMDYNAMITE.  Follow the link for a free song download, they're pretty good.

Last night was Bhakail's fencing practice, but there were only about 5 of us there as it coincided with the barony business meeting.  I did however attend the traditional diner visit after practice for the first time.  It was entertaining and reminded me a little bit of my Silva Vulcani group...especially when we took like 20 people to Denny's.  Oh good times...

On the Magic front I've downloaded a few apps for the iPod Touch.  When I first got the iPod there was only one hit under "magic the gathering" and it was the Manalyzer app. It's alright but very basic, so I don't use it.  However within the past week I've found Magic:TGC, Magic L.C., Magic's Little Helper Lite, and iMtG.
Magic: TGC is merely a database of every card and  it's average price across multiple sites.
Magic L.C., or Life Counter, is merely that.  If you haven't splurged on a Fat Pack to get a spindown counter, this will work too.  It can track up to four players, do coin tosses and dice rolls and time your game.
Magic's Little Helper Lite also contains a life counter and such, but the neat thing is that it can track what colors your playing with, and your win/loss stats.  The Lite version is pretty limited and tends to crash on me though.
iMtG I think is my favorite so far.  It contains a card and price database baased on TCGplayer.com's prices.  Has a deck builder function and keeps a list of cards you have, cards you need, and cards you have for trade.  That'll come in handy when I visit my college and the 3 nearby card shops...or Amazon.

Beyond that my week has been pretty uneventful, unless you count getting my Motorcycle Learner's Permit =D  Now to find a motorcycle...

Tune in next time for...something!


  1. Excellent choices of apps. I've been looking for some good ones myself (Manalyzer is too simplistic for my tastes) so I will take your recommendations as the gospel and download them promptly.

    Congrats on the page views. Woody is a pimp. And is it true that you're going to be in town for Homecoming?


  2. The fact you got a permit for that is rather scary...just please fr the love of God be careful. You're a wee bit to far if you end up in the hospital to visit =P

  3. Dude, so...Magic TCG? You must download for the iPod Touch. It's pretty boss. The upgrade costs a dollar but you can search cards by looking at entire sets. Amazing.

  4. Never mind. I see you already got it. I guess I'm way behind the curve, I just downloaded it this week.

  5. Congrats on passing the 1k views mark! I was excited when that happened to me too! I enjoy your blog and read it when I can, so I like to think I contributed to that! Keep up the good work!