24 April 2012

Life Keeps Grinding Away

It's been a while since I posted.  I suppose a good bit has happened since last time but I won't remember it all now.

Something in my life needs to change, hopefully it's my state of employment. I can't live at home forever and still being dependent on my parents for everything from clothing to cell phones to car insurance gnaws at me and my sense of self. I was out shopping with my mom now and I know that on my own I would never spend this much on clothing, at least not right now. Yet it's one of those things I should save my money for.

Last week I totaled my Grand Prix. Pulling out from a stop sign making a left, I saw a blinking light on the oncoming Toyota Highlander. I learned as I was pulling out that he was in fact, not turning.  He slammed into me at about 40mph and now my Grand Prix sits in ruins in my dad's driveway.  I now have the lovely task of trying to track down a suitable replacement for it.  I've been checking Craigslist a lot, but most of the cars there are overpriced pieces of junk or otherwise not worth it.  I really like the Subaru Impreza but there's two problems with them. 1) Some moron has modified the f$%# out of it trying to make it a race car and/or 2) Imprezas before the 2006 model get worse gas mileage than my Pontiac did, and I was already spending $300 a month on gas. So getting something worse on gas is not high on my agenda.  That leads me to look at Hondas or Toyotas and such, but I run into much of the same #1 problem as the Imprezas.  E.g. "I swapped the motor with an acura but now it doesn't run, gimme $5,000" Or the car has something like eight billion miles on it.  Either way, the used car market does not have much to offer to one of my financial status.

To top things off, my girlfriend and I have decided to take a break.  Distance and the stress of life has lead her to need some time to herself. I certainly can't fault her for this, you can't force someone to stay with you if they aren't happy with the situation.  I still plan on visiting her from time to time, and seeing her at SCA events of course.

Well, until next time, smooth sailing my friends.