23 August 2011

Re-named for Continuity

In case you missed it, the east coast of the US experienced an earthquake today.  It originated as a 5.9 near Richmond, Virginia.  I was in the Malvern, PA's Home Depot training room at about 1:30 when the whole building began shaking.  It was surreal at first, as Pennsylvania isn't very prone to quakes, we weren't sure of the cause, but as the sound carried through the building we knew it wasn't an isolated event.  That was pretty much the most exciting part of my day.

After work I went to my friend's house and played some Magic.  He had picked up some boosters and I pulled my third Kozilek.

Also, the girl I had considered dating, and have been talking to everyday got asked out by another guy. She said yes, having spent enough time waiting for me to make up my mind.  Can't blame her.  I'm not even sure I'm in a position to date anyone, even they lived closer than 300 miles away.

19 August 2011

I Don't Want to Work, I Just Want to Bang On the Drums All Day

Yesterday was on one of my less productive days, and yet it had some interesting points.  Being bored of Minecraft I decided to play my drums, which have been collecting a fine layer of dust for four years.
As you can see it's a bit cramped, but this photo shows the layout of my room a little bit. It's the 3rd floor loft of a town house.  My fencing rapier is on the wall and you can see a bunch of Boba Fett stuff on the far right.  Anywho, while playing the drums I saw something fall off the wall towards the stairs but didn't think much of it.  I actually forgot about it until my mom came home and found it.

Turns out the missing object was a little ceramic dragon given to me by an ex-girlfriend, the one who tried to kill herself and has a crazy family.  So I'm not really sure if I care enough to try fixing this:
Perhaps it means something. Like I need to keep things farther from the edge of the wall while drumming.  I try not to tie too much symbolism into daily events, but maybe it has to do with me trying to move on.  I'm not officially dating anyone, but there's someone I might be willing to try it with.  Downside is that it would be long distance though.

17 August 2011

Now I'm Back From Outer Space

Greetings to all, oh, five of you, who read this.  I’ve been away for a while having attended Pennsic and a friend’s (first ex-girlfriend ironically) wedding.

Pennsic went pretty well.  Aethlemearc sided with the East Kingdom, which was good for me having acquaintances in both.  In the long run, the Midrealm and its allies were vastly outnumbered on both the heavy field and the fencing fields.  By Tuesday the East and its allies had accumulated all the available War Points up till that point, making it impossible for the Midrealm to win the war.

For the fencers there were 3 War Point battles, Town, Field, and Woods.  Each had 3, 2, and 1 round respectively.  I must say, although the Woods were highly chaotic and full of poison ivy, I think it was my favorite.  Weaving through trees to stab an unsuspecting foe is highly satisfying.  There was some foul play during the fight (EMS took out someone with broken ribs) but for the most part it was a good time.

Don't we look terrifying?
We also partook in the Atlantian Five-Man tourny, in which teams of five fencers face off.  We decided to call ourselves Aethlemearc's School of Pain, since our group is a College and most of us had been injured or to the ER within the previous two weeks.  The first few rounds didn't go well as we tried accommodating a team mate's broken foot.  Meeting no success we changed our strategy to one we're more familiar with, in which myself and Ragnar blitz rush one end of the opposing team's line in order to get behind them.  It worked a lot better, landing us at least one victory, but the damage had been done and we didn't advance past the first round.

I also spent a lot of money at Pennsic, and not all on what I thought.  Probably my single biggest purchase were some fencing pants from Gypsy Peddler for $69, but from what I hear, Peddler’s stuff will be around longer than I am.  My most ridiculous purchase was a cotton  kilt.  Yes, I bought a man-skirt.  Well worth it though, as my alternative “formal” wear was long black pants in which I would’ve roasted.
One of my best Pennsic stories would have to be while at the Seven Pearls Bardic Competition in the Aethlemearc Royal Encampment.  The final person had gone and the judges were trying to decide a winner when North Shield, an Aethlemearc shire, barged into the camp unannounced with plastic Viking helms, glow sticks, and a Beer Siege Wagon. “Do not fear, we bring beer!” they cried.  I found myself wishing that I actually liked beer, but I did get a bottle of bubbles out of the invasion.  Yes, I can be easily pleased.

Friday afternoon most of us departed camp, with four of us heading to the afore-mentioned friend’s wedding.  At the hotel we were able to shower, feel human, and catch up with some long-absent friends, mostly Ivan, who started our fencing group and was officiating the wedding.  Despite our exhaustion, we played Magic and chatted about the SCA until 2 AM. 

Saturday was the wedding, small, short, simple, and beautiful.  During the reception I had a mediocre gin and tonic and did much dancing, most of it with a recently engaged friend whose fiancĂ© couldn’t make it. I make a decent substitute I guess.

Sunday I headed home alone in the rain.  Felt sorry for the two motorcycles that passed me.  Speaking of which, my dad just got a 1999 Honda Shadow, so now I have an excuse to get my bike permit.  Anywho.  Bummed around most of Monday. 

Today I went on a mini adventure to Oaks, PA.  for there, behind the BJ’s, are some pieces of abandoned railroad equipment.  These trains have been sitting there for a long time. I first saw them after the Regal Cinemas 24 opened there, and the trains are along the back road out of the lot.  Today I drove down there and climbed into two of them.  I took about 52 pictures between the 4 major attractions there.  The only two identifying marks I found were the steam engine’s side said “Steamtown 1” and the maintenance speeder had a sticker in it for the Tourist Railway Association, Inc.  Now I know there’s a Steamtown up near Scranton, PA.  If these trains are from there, they’re a looong way from home.  Tempted to call the park office at Steamtown and see if they know anything about these trains’ origins.

After my miniventure I made my way to my grandmom’s and then my dad’s, were we disassembled my broken iPod Touch and played with the garden railroad.


03 August 2011

Rolling rolling rolling...

So this week I'll be heading off to an event called Pennsic. It's the single largest event held by the SCA and it takes place a few miles from Slippery Rock, PA.  After Pennsic, I'm driving to Athens, PA for my first ex-girlfriend's wedding.  In all, I'll be traveling a total of 821 miles, give or take a few.

Back to Pennsic. This is the 40th Pennsic, and my first time going.  I haven't been camping since I got out of Scouting, so hopefully I haven't lost all my camping know-how.  Aside from sleeping in a tent for a week, Pennsic will be full of huge melee battles for both fencers and the heavy fighters.  There's also archery, but seeing as how my car will be stuffed and I have 4 usable arrows....yeaah. Maybe next year.

After Pennsic, I'm going to the wedding of Emily and James. Legally, they've been married since last summer, but had the "ceremony" in North Carolina where James is based (Marines).  This was partially to expedite the process of getting off-base housing and what not. I don't know all the details, but next weekend, the 13th, they're having a fancier ceremony with all their friends and family.  Should be a good time.

Once I return from all this gallivanting, I'll be starting a part-time job at The Home Depot, in lumber specifically. This will help restock my bank accounts for my fast approaching student loans.  It'll also help feed my addictions like Magic, my car, fencing, trains....and METH! Well, maybe not meth, that's bad mojo there.  =P