19 August 2011

I Don't Want to Work, I Just Want to Bang On the Drums All Day

Yesterday was on one of my less productive days, and yet it had some interesting points.  Being bored of Minecraft I decided to play my drums, which have been collecting a fine layer of dust for four years.
As you can see it's a bit cramped, but this photo shows the layout of my room a little bit. It's the 3rd floor loft of a town house.  My fencing rapier is on the wall and you can see a bunch of Boba Fett stuff on the far right.  Anywho, while playing the drums I saw something fall off the wall towards the stairs but didn't think much of it.  I actually forgot about it until my mom came home and found it.

Turns out the missing object was a little ceramic dragon given to me by an ex-girlfriend, the one who tried to kill herself and has a crazy family.  So I'm not really sure if I care enough to try fixing this:
Perhaps it means something. Like I need to keep things farther from the edge of the wall while drumming.  I try not to tie too much symbolism into daily events, but maybe it has to do with me trying to move on.  I'm not officially dating anyone, but there's someone I might be willing to try it with.  Downside is that it would be long distance though.


  1. I look for symbolism in everything. Broken dragon? Way too ironic. The shards of that past are shattered, my friend...and rather than investing all of the time and energy into gluing those pieces back together, why not search for a much better dragon?

    I have a funny feeling that I know which person you are referring to...and I have my reservations. But hey, you always regret the things you don't do more than the things that you do. I say go for it.

    Missing you on this side of the state. My collection is expanding (according to Amazon prices my rares push $180 in value) and my decks are growing stronger. I look forward to our next battles.


  2. Well the opportunity has been missed and I've been beaten to the punch. Guess I'll have to go for something else.