28 October 2011

Californication II: Criss-Crossing Cutlery

Agincourt as stolen from Wikipedia
One of my other reasons for the trip last week was to attend an SCA even in Aethlemaerc called Agincourt.  It's named after a famous English/French battle where the English archers are thought to have nearly annihilated the French knights.  There is debate over exactly where and what all happened, but that's the gist.

Anywho, after arriving in California and enacting the a fore mentioned shenanigans, I went to the college's fencing practice. YAAAY stabbing people.  It was nice to return to the relatively organized practice of Silva Vulcani.  In my experience it is the most disciplined and focus SCA rapier practice (my experience is 5 different places total, so grains of salt for all).  It was nice to fight all my friends again, though I must say I don't think they were all on top of their game.  That or I've gotten better but we'll ignore that for now.  I was quite pleased to see how well the newest members were doing too.

Agincourt itself was on Saturday, and sadly there was no fencing :(  Someone done goofed and didn't make space for us.  There was however archery, which I did a few rounds of before wandering off to mingle.  I tried some strawberry ale, and at first wasn't sure how I felt about it.  Neither did any of my friends.  By half way through I decided how I felt, and it was a no.  I abandoned it in someone else's hand and fled.  At the end of the even I stood as one of the Queen's Guards (ironic since I now live in the East).  Some really awesome people got some really awesome awards at court and I'm glad I was there to see it.

And for people new to my blog, and old friends, wondering what the !@#$ is the SCA, he's something to look at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/This-Is-No-Fantasy-2


25 October 2011

Californication I: Sneaky Shenanigans

This past weekend, Thursday to Sunday, I trekked out to California, PA to visit my girl, some friends and attend an SCA event called Agincourt.  The trip isn’t too difficult, just boring.  Three hundred miles of Pennsylvania…and it all looks the same.  Granted it becomes less populated and hillier as you head west, but once you’ve seen the PA Turnpike four times, you’ve seen it all.

Instead of mini-orchids, I procured a pot of Calla Lillies for my girlfriend, which if I remember right are one of her favorites. (Glad I did, watched all the unsold ones get tossed at work today =( )  She was en route to class when I first arrived however, and rather than put out a signal flare that I was on campus, decided to make my way to the library and see if fencing club was still in its meeting.  I couldn’t find them in the usually spots (which they weren’t in anyway) and so made my way to fourth floor.  As I alighted from the elevation converter, I received a text from one Shane Pilgrim.  He had just discovered my Facebook status about being on my way, and wanted to know when I would arrive.  For those of you wishing to stalk Mr. Pilgrim, he works on said fourth floor, mere yards from where I was standing at the time.  I walked into the office where he keeps watch, and with luck, found him facing away from the door (not a very good guard).  Rather than answering via text, I silently approached his desk, and said: “I already have.”  The response was most satisfying; a startled jump, a “holy shit man,” and of course, that friendly hug straight guys do.  After chatting a bit I made sure he’d go play Magic and drink with the gang later and continued my search for people I know. 

I was on my way to the student center when I received another text, this time from my girlfriend’s roommate (Who happens to be my most recent ex & is dating my best friend from grade school).  She let me into the room and ran off to class.  I layed on my girl’s bed thinking I might catch some sleep.  WRONG.  I was visited by one of my friends who ironically lives right above my girlfriend.  We talked about how the atmosphere of the college had changed and where life was going etc.  I’m actually kinda proud of this girl.  When she first came to school, she was very…na├»ve? And sheltered?  I remember her sitting on a friend’s couch with her brand new Dell laptop, and asking us if she had a Mac or a PC.  Her parents, while very nice, are devoutly Christian, and the first few years of college this was very apparent in my friend too.  But while she visited with me she explained how she loves home, but really doesn’t ever want to live there again, that college had been too liberating.  I also know she’s become much more independent since her freshman year.

After a little bit she went back to her room to do homework (I don’t miss that) and my girlfriend’s roommate returned.  Shortly afterward we went to sneak a Viking into the building and then sat about waiting for my girl to get out of class.  Knowing she was close, we decided to hide all trace of me in her room except for me, which was placed behind the door.  She must be more aware of her surroundings than Mr. Pilgrim, she was still surprised but turned to me as I moved from behind the door.  I greeted her with a bone-crushing hug.

We proceeded to chill until Silva Vulcani’s fencing practice, but I’ve reached that limit of acceptable blog length and must cut it off here. More to come I promise, as soon as I have time and motivation.

16 October 2011

Been Too Busy to Breathe? Drink Some Air

Been a while since I posted...or at least I think it has been. So while I sit here waiting for season two of AMC's The Walking Dead to start, I'll do some writing.

I'm not terribly savvy on current news but the Occupy movement has been everywhere.  I know there's a lot of confusion among the protesters as to what their purpose is.  Their home site, which I think is this, states that their purpose is to end the corruption of America's politics.

In my freshman year of college my one professor told us that we'd probably see another revolution in the U.S. in our lifetime, and I think this movement could be it if it could only get organized.  America's politics is hugely controlled by corporations.  I've never understood how lobbyists are legal, they hang around the House and essentially hand our checks to Reps who vote in favor of their company.  I really don't know what the difference is between that and bribery, except one is legal.  The alternative of course is to actually get a mob to storm the House of Reps, tell them they're all fired, and elect normal people.

In other political news, I saw some stuff about primaries, mostly Gov. Corbine? from NJ refusing to run for President (which I'm a-okay with) and endorsing Mit Romney.  All that I know about him, is that his main opponent has tried using his religion (Romney is a Mormon) to say he's not a good candidate, that he's a bad Christian or something like that. What I want to know what the hell religion has to do in today's American politics.  I was honestly disappointed when Barack Obama changed his religion before the elections.  To be honest, I feel the ideal candidate in today's world would be agnostic.  You don't need organised religion to have strong morals.

On the subject of Obama, I'm rather disappointed in people's dislike of him.  Yes, he hasn't done all he promised, but without being a dictator, he can't force Congress or the Senate to pass bills.  Obama inherited a mess of problems from George W. Bush, and considering all that, plus Congress bickering like children over everything, I think he's done an ok job.

Keep in mind, politics is not my strong suite and neither is current events.  But I have blog and I'm gonna abuse it god dammit!!!!


06 October 2011

Insert Title Here

So logged into my blogger dash today to see that I have 1009 page views! *and there was much rejoicing*  I think that's pretty good for a blog with 8 followers, no focus, and 31 posts plus this one.  I certainly wouldn't mind more followers and the like, but my life isn't all that interesting.

In other news I was over at Woodn't Ya Know It reading about Woody's trip to a Precious Moments Museum and his trip to a Blue October concert.  He'd never heard of them but I've got some of their stuff in iTunes, though I'm not sure where it came from.  He also raved about the duet opener, IAMDYNAMITE.  Follow the link for a free song download, they're pretty good.

Last night was Bhakail's fencing practice, but there were only about 5 of us there as it coincided with the barony business meeting.  I did however attend the traditional diner visit after practice for the first time.  It was entertaining and reminded me a little bit of my Silva Vulcani group...especially when we took like 20 people to Denny's.  Oh good times...

On the Magic front I've downloaded a few apps for the iPod Touch.  When I first got the iPod there was only one hit under "magic the gathering" and it was the Manalyzer app. It's alright but very basic, so I don't use it.  However within the past week I've found Magic:TGC, Magic L.C., Magic's Little Helper Lite, and iMtG.
Magic: TGC is merely a database of every card and  it's average price across multiple sites.
Magic L.C., or Life Counter, is merely that.  If you haven't splurged on a Fat Pack to get a spindown counter, this will work too.  It can track up to four players, do coin tosses and dice rolls and time your game.
Magic's Little Helper Lite also contains a life counter and such, but the neat thing is that it can track what colors your playing with, and your win/loss stats.  The Lite version is pretty limited and tends to crash on me though.
iMtG I think is my favorite so far.  It contains a card and price database baased on TCGplayer.com's prices.  Has a deck builder function and keeps a list of cards you have, cards you need, and cards you have for trade.  That'll come in handy when I visit my college and the 3 nearby card shops...or Amazon.

Beyond that my week has been pretty uneventful, unless you count getting my Motorcycle Learner's Permit =D  Now to find a motorcycle...

Tune in next time for...something!