28 October 2011

Californication II: Criss-Crossing Cutlery

Agincourt as stolen from Wikipedia
One of my other reasons for the trip last week was to attend an SCA even in Aethlemaerc called Agincourt.  It's named after a famous English/French battle where the English archers are thought to have nearly annihilated the French knights.  There is debate over exactly where and what all happened, but that's the gist.

Anywho, after arriving in California and enacting the a fore mentioned shenanigans, I went to the college's fencing practice. YAAAY stabbing people.  It was nice to return to the relatively organized practice of Silva Vulcani.  In my experience it is the most disciplined and focus SCA rapier practice (my experience is 5 different places total, so grains of salt for all).  It was nice to fight all my friends again, though I must say I don't think they were all on top of their game.  That or I've gotten better but we'll ignore that for now.  I was quite pleased to see how well the newest members were doing too.

Agincourt itself was on Saturday, and sadly there was no fencing :(  Someone done goofed and didn't make space for us.  There was however archery, which I did a few rounds of before wandering off to mingle.  I tried some strawberry ale, and at first wasn't sure how I felt about it.  Neither did any of my friends.  By half way through I decided how I felt, and it was a no.  I abandoned it in someone else's hand and fled.  At the end of the even I stood as one of the Queen's Guards (ironic since I now live in the East).  Some really awesome people got some really awesome awards at court and I'm glad I was there to see it.

And for people new to my blog, and old friends, wondering what the !@#$ is the SCA, he's something to look at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/This-Is-No-Fantasy-2



  1. Video: "I doubt you're going to see anyone out here playing with a 20-sided die"

    Adam: *probably has a bag of 20-sided dice in his car*

    I lol'ed.

  2. Typically yeah. But I don't think trying to belittle SCAdians for having D20s would go over well.