28 July 2012

If Wasting Time Was An Olympic Sport...

I'm sitting here watching the Parade of Nations for the 2012 London Games and decided it's a good time to flurp out a post.  There were so many things I wanted to talk about, and I'm so behind. Time for some time warping. And wasting. Don't forget the wasting.

Last week I got to spend a few days in Avon, North Carolina. It's part of the Outer Banks and one of my friend's uncles owns a few places down there.  Free beach houses are awesome by the way.  While there a plethora of shell fish was consumed and my iPod contains pictures of the horrid aftermath. Sadly, iPods and Blogger don't get along too well.  I also did battle with mosquitoes, the sun, and wind.  I only got a little sun burnt on the shoulders, nothing serious. Our first two days were very windy and I got to fly both my Prism Nexus and Snapshot 1.2.

I also made a standard bad choice in visiting Kitty Hawk Kites, where I purchased the Prism Micron, Prism's smallest, fastest kite. Of course, that day the wind died not to return during our stay. So I'm still waiting to see the little bugger at full speed.

I also have two job prospects at the moment. Before going to the OBX, I had a phone screening with Global Foundries in New York and today I applied to Bridge Semiconductor, where one of my college friends was recently employed.  If niether of those work out, my one cousin is moving to California for grad school and I feel like it's a golden oppurtunity to change up my life by going with her.

In fencing/SCA news, Pennsic War XLI (41) starts this coming week. The first week is Peace Week, no fighting. War Week runs the 5th through the 11th of August. I've gone ahead and ordered some chain mail armor in hopes it arrives before I leave.  It'll be cooler and last longer than any cloth armor. It was pricey, but it's one of those high initial cost, long payoff kind of investments.It also means I can't allow myself to spend too much AT Pennsic.

HAHA, like that'll happen. Make a pile o cash and buuuurn it =D

Until next time, keep it Hysterical.

27 July 2012

New Accommodations

It's July 24th and I'm spending the night in our new house alone. No one has slept here since the 97 year old previous owner moved out. In some ways it's a little creepy. It's a stone rancher, 93 feet from one end to another, give or take, on three acres of ground. There's no street lamps like at my old house and you can actually see stars. There's also coyotes and fox and all that stuff. Should be interesting.

I like this house, but to be honest, I'd rather not be moving with my mom. Her and her boyfriend bought the place, and since I can't afford my own place...here I am. Yay.

In other news...a month or so ago, Planechase 2012 came out. A variation of Magic that involves Planar cards that represent the different worlds of Magic's Multiverse. Each plane has a different effect on the game, and some planes are more dangerous than your opponent. It's a fun way to play, especially when slightly inebriated.

More recently, Magic 2013 has hit stores, so if you've never played and want to try, now is the perfect time. M13 is what is known as a core set. It pulls cards from all of Magic's history and presents them in an easy to understand format. So if you play a card with a special keyword, like Trample, the card will tell you what it means. M13 is also a good way to bolster an existing collection with solid, usable cards like Unsummon and Rancor.

Until next time.
Nicol Bolas is waiting for you.

03 July 2012

Mach Speed!

I'm punching this out on my iPod when I should be sleeping. I've got a 5AM shift tomorrow, bleck, but I'll be home in time for fireworks.

Anywho, I've got several things to talk about, so as long as I can find time, I hope to get a few posts up in relatively quick succession.

First on my list is my replacement car. As I mentioned here before, my Grand Prix got totaled. After searching the local Craigslist for a few weeks I came across a 2002 Ford Focus.

It's a ZTS, which is one engine option down from the SVT (Special Vehicle Team) I believe. It only has about 130 horsepower, but the 5 speed manual transmission makes it fun. What really makes it special though is that it is a Mach Audio Edition.

From what I've seen online only 6000 of these cars were made, most painted Mandarin Copper but some, like mine, done in CD Silver. The irony here though is that the original Mach head units had a habit of dying. They also had a specific wiring harness, so an aftermarket head unit wouldn't be compatible. Therefore, my car no longer retains any of the Mach Audio equipment, just the Mach badges on the doors.

Anywho, the previous owner is a detailer by profession, so the car is slightly lowered, the muffler has been replaced with a straight pipe, and it has professionally tinted windows. It was also kept very clean inside and out. It had 127k miles on it when I got it. I knew when I first saw it that it was a good deal. Compared to everything else on Craigslist in my price range this car was gold bullion.

On top of all that, I'm averaging about 29 miles per gallon, as opposed to my Grand Prix's 20mpg average. Win! =D

My next few posts I'm looking to talk about Magic Planechase 2012, SCA stuff, and life in general.