About Me

As you might guess, O'Gallaghure is not my real name, but you don't really need to know what it is. I'm 22 years old right now and I recently graduated with a B.S. in Biology with a Concentration in Nanomanufacturing Technologies.
My blog's name comes from my enjoyment of making people laugh and swordfighting.  I've been doing Taekwon Do for nearly 14 years, since 2nd grade, but I wouldn't claim to be great at it. I've been doing historical rapier combat through the SCA for about 3-4 years now.  I have a lot of other hobbies, and anyone who's read my blog knows that Magic: the Gathering is pretty prominent. I also enjoy model railroading, video games, mountain biking, et al.
I hope you enjoy my blog and it gives you something to think or laugh about.


  1. I couldn't find your email, but would you still be interested in being a Thrift Store Pen Pal?? If so, email me your mailing address at WoodyTheHun@gmail.com :)

  2. You can delete these by the way, haha.