16 October 2011

Been Too Busy to Breathe? Drink Some Air

Been a while since I posted...or at least I think it has been. So while I sit here waiting for season two of AMC's The Walking Dead to start, I'll do some writing.

I'm not terribly savvy on current news but the Occupy movement has been everywhere.  I know there's a lot of confusion among the protesters as to what their purpose is.  Their home site, which I think is this, states that their purpose is to end the corruption of America's politics.

In my freshman year of college my one professor told us that we'd probably see another revolution in the U.S. in our lifetime, and I think this movement could be it if it could only get organized.  America's politics is hugely controlled by corporations.  I've never understood how lobbyists are legal, they hang around the House and essentially hand our checks to Reps who vote in favor of their company.  I really don't know what the difference is between that and bribery, except one is legal.  The alternative of course is to actually get a mob to storm the House of Reps, tell them they're all fired, and elect normal people.

In other political news, I saw some stuff about primaries, mostly Gov. Corbine? from NJ refusing to run for President (which I'm a-okay with) and endorsing Mit Romney.  All that I know about him, is that his main opponent has tried using his religion (Romney is a Mormon) to say he's not a good candidate, that he's a bad Christian or something like that. What I want to know what the hell religion has to do in today's American politics.  I was honestly disappointed when Barack Obama changed his religion before the elections.  To be honest, I feel the ideal candidate in today's world would be agnostic.  You don't need organised religion to have strong morals.

On the subject of Obama, I'm rather disappointed in people's dislike of him.  Yes, he hasn't done all he promised, but without being a dictator, he can't force Congress or the Senate to pass bills.  Obama inherited a mess of problems from George W. Bush, and considering all that, plus Congress bickering like children over everything, I think he's done an ok job.

Keep in mind, politics is not my strong suite and neither is current events.  But I have blog and I'm gonna abuse it god dammit!!!!



  1. I think you mean Chris Christie!

  2. The way I see it, Obama was dealt the hardest cards in the deck...and while he failed to live up to the many promises he made, we're a little better off now than we were 3 years ago. That says something about him. And even though the American public pretty much hates him he is still doing the best job he can. Good for him.