03 August 2011

Rolling rolling rolling...

So this week I'll be heading off to an event called Pennsic. It's the single largest event held by the SCA and it takes place a few miles from Slippery Rock, PA.  After Pennsic, I'm driving to Athens, PA for my first ex-girlfriend's wedding.  In all, I'll be traveling a total of 821 miles, give or take a few.

Back to Pennsic. This is the 40th Pennsic, and my first time going.  I haven't been camping since I got out of Scouting, so hopefully I haven't lost all my camping know-how.  Aside from sleeping in a tent for a week, Pennsic will be full of huge melee battles for both fencers and the heavy fighters.  There's also archery, but seeing as how my car will be stuffed and I have 4 usable arrows....yeaah. Maybe next year.

After Pennsic, I'm going to the wedding of Emily and James. Legally, they've been married since last summer, but had the "ceremony" in North Carolina where James is based (Marines).  This was partially to expedite the process of getting off-base housing and what not. I don't know all the details, but next weekend, the 13th, they're having a fancier ceremony with all their friends and family.  Should be a good time.

Once I return from all this gallivanting, I'll be starting a part-time job at The Home Depot, in lumber specifically. This will help restock my bank accounts for my fast approaching student loans.  It'll also help feed my addictions like Magic, my car, fencing, trains....and METH! Well, maybe not meth, that's bad mojo there.  =P

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  1. Have fun at Pennsic, buddy, and at the wedding! Glad to hear things are going well. I didn't realize Pennsic is so close to SRU.

    Home Depot could be a fun job. My best friend works at Lowe's and for the most part he likes it even though hardware and such does not relate to his career goals in any way.