26 September 2011

I Remembered My Camera!

Kirby says hi!
This post might be fairly long, been an interesting week and I actually took pictures! Yay!  For starters, last week, when I spent way too much money on Magic at Target, I also found little Sonic the Hedgehog figures.  They come in a plastic ball so you don't know which character it is, and you put them together.  They're not well made really but I've been playing Sonic games since Sega Genesis.  I got one for $4 and it was Sonic himself. The model aspect of it meant attaching one arm and his head.  His head didn't fit right so I had to carve out the extra plastic with my swiss army knife and his arm likes to fall off.  This led to the following photo ------------------------------>
Sonic is now part plant and can fly, and no longer needs to eat chili dogs as he can photosynthesize. Yay evolution!...kinda.  Anywho, I should probably avoid Target until they stop carrying these, I got a second one which had Shadow in it, the only other one I want is Metal Sonic, but getting a repeat wouldn't be fun.  

My next photo comes from the Bhakail fencing site, a church basement in North Philly.  It intrigues me and I haven't been able to find any on Google, eBay, etc.  And so I present  this Canada Dry vending 
machine, which once held Orange, Ginger Ale, Cherry, and Cola. I wasn't even aware that Canada Dry made such things other than ginger ale.  This thing makes me think of shows like American Pickers and I kinda want to buy it from the church and set it up in my dad's garage.  I think it's cool.  

Moving along now to the next hobby, trains.  If you have an interest in RR restoration and museums, I suggest you check out Hicks Car Works.  Anywho, Pottstown is home to a pretty neat project known as the Greenbrier Express.  Lately you've been able to spy some of the passenger cars outside the workshop so I stopped and took this horrible photo:

To me this is quite exciting and I'd love to be able to go in and see what they're doing. I also hope they keep the site for maintenance and further restoration once the Express is up and running.  

I think from here on out I'm just gonna post photos and caption them, keeps things short but interesting.

The Sanatoga Fire Co. was out front the other day when one of my neighbors reported a gas leak.  Sanatoga means "crooked hill" and the truck says "Crooked Hill Ridge Runners"
While debating what a gas explosion would do to my house, I found a grasshopper.  He was a cheerful bloke, but a little jumpy...

One of my orders of Magic cards came in.  There is much shiny going on here, 2 promo Emrakuls,
 3 promo Sheoldreds and an Awakening Zone.
Shiiiiiiiiiny raaaaaaappppeeeee......

Got a brand new fork lift at work.  I find it ironic that Toyota forklifts are built in the USA.

Spent yesterday visiting college friends and a very special young woman at the Allentown Collegiate Band Festival.

That's been my week so far in a nutshell.  I'd go into more detail here and there but I don't want to bore my precious few readers too much =P I do wish Blogger handled photos and spacing better, in the editor all m photos are centered but here they seem to shift...

Until next time!


  1. I have 4 Awakening Zones now :D, and I got them for such a freaking bargain! (Along with the Emrakul, non-shiny rape).

    I can't wait to have an Eldrazi battle with you. It will be an epic of epic epicness...and my Quicksilver Amulets will prevail!

    I don't think Sonic would be able to fly that well. The effect would be similar to Nemo and his lucky fin.

    Also, in Blogger I usually have to edit the html to get my pics lined up. Takes way too much time.

  2. I need some Amulets; and learning HTML is not at the top of my to-do list.