16 September 2011

Broken Blades, Chicken, and Viruses Galore!

Yeah I know, my post is a wee bit late.  My Google Calender reminds me every Tuesday at 8PM EST to write a blog post. It usually gets done on Thursday, my typical day off.  So here we are on a Friday night and I'm finally updating.  Though I have good news, I actually some photos of my own to upload!  Not just Magic links =P  You see, a few years ago I was really into photography, even took a B&W Photo class in college.  A girl I was involved with was also a photo-fanatic, and after things went sour, I kinda lost my interest in it I guess. It was never a conscious decision.  Stopped carrying my camera as much and taking random photos.  Anywho...

First on my list involves the Bhakail fencing practice.  On my way through Philadelphia, I encountered a pick-up truck with two stickers on its bumper; "Hill Cats" and "Tuchux."
I'm not sure how to explain the Tuchux, except that they're one of the non-SCA groups that attend Pennsic.  I was merely surprised to spot one of them randomly in traffic.  Anywho, once at Bhakail I proceeded to fence and either I did really good, or everyone else underestimated me. I don't know.  The one lady asked me after our fight if I had noticed her doing anything wrong because she felt she hadn't done as well as she should have.  I felt bad because I had no constructive criticism for her.  Since I was running on about 4 hours of sleep, and facing a curved blade (which I'm not terribly familiar with yet) I was solely focused on what I was doing as opposed to what she was doing.  I also helped one of their "newer?" people work on dagger and buckler.  He asked if I had any other dagger training outside the SCA.  This led eventually to a dagger vs dagger fight....

First of all, you have to understand that dagger/knife fights are never pretty. They're one of the more dangerous things you can do in SCA Rapier combat in that they're fast, close-quarter fights.  You also have to realize that we do use real, steel weapons. They're dull and designed to bend, and should they break, they're meant break flat like this:
These two were one moments before.
As you can see, the edge is...mostly flat...mostly.
During one of our passes, his dagger, seen above, landed on my chest as mine landed on his mask.  The tip of his dagger was probably around my sternum as the rest bent down and away near my ribs.  As his dagger pressed on me, it gave out at this curve.  We both heard a snap, I felt the flat edge hit me, and we heard the dagger tip clatter to the ground. This sound also caught everyone else's attention.  So I've had my first blade break on me, I'm just glad it wasn't my blade.

In other news, on Thursday I went to see Contagion with my cousin and some of her friends.  On my way there I passed a bank whose sign said "Free Checking."  I thought it said "Free Chicken" which didn't make much sense to me.  Anywho, being a Bio major I actually found the movie pretty interesting. I actually understood some of the more technical mumbo-jumbo.  The movie does a wonderful job showing how illogical, poorly uneducated people will kill us all when disaster strikes.  My one issue with the movie, as in many such movies, is that while 1 in 4 people are dying, electricity, cell phones, and gas stations continue to operate.  

While watching the movie, I was reminded of the fact that I really like old doors and doorknobs.  Like the ones with the glass knobs and long keys.  I'd like to fill my house with such doors someday....

Anywho, tomorrow morning is TKD and working 2-11.  Until next week, keep metabolizing.


  1. (I thought I commented this already? Must have forgot).

    You need to not have abs of steel. Look at you - they can't even stab you with metal or it breaks. Quit being an unstoppable force of fencing destruction and maybe you would have more nice swords to play with.

  2. Flattering Shane, but I'm quite squishy in the ab area, and I'm certainly not an unstoppable force.

  3. I enjoyed the movie too. It was kinda scary to think how easily that scenario could play out. Oh and that "free chicken" thing is way too funny!