20 June 2011


I'm not sure if it's come up on my blog here before, but I'm pretty much addicted to the Magic the Gathering trading card game(worse than some of my other hobbies).  This weekend, not only did one of my best friends come out to my college for the weekend (a 4.5 - 6 hour drive depending on how fast you drive), but we also saw another friend completely join our addiction. See (500) Days of Shaneiferd.  We took my friend from home and our latest victim to some of the local comic/card shops and spent far more money than we should have. Our Saturday night culminated in a five person game, and it was some of the most fun I've ever had in a 2+ people game. Such games are usually incredibly long and boring, but there wasn't a dull moment with this group.  We decided that Shane fit the Blue magic profile of manipulation and politics almost too well. Even though his freshly built deck wasn't all that intimidating, he did his best to manipulate his stronger opponents into working with him.

I bought many individual cards this weekend, but I did buy two boosters at the one shop. The New Phyexia pack contained a Moltensteel Dragon and a holographic Chancellor of the Dross. Two rares in one pack, pretty exciting stuff. 

 The same shop also had boosters from the Mirrodin set, which released back in October 2003.  This was one of my favorite blocks back in 9th grade, I had to get at least one pack (A block by the way is usually a group of 3 sets within the same storyline/plane). I'm glad I did because I got some cards I didn't own and some I hadn't even seen.
Had plenty of a newer version of this one, but never the original.

 The last card that I'm pretty excited about I acquired as a single. It was actually a pre-release promotional card that you'd get for buying something the first weekend or something like that, but since it's been a month I got one for a couple bucks.
Ooooooo, shiiiiiiiiiny.

 I have to confess that Black isn't my strong point, though I employ it more than Green, so finding a good use for Sheoldred and Chancellor of the Dross might prove tricky, but I'm sure I'll make do.

That's enough about my hobby/addiction,  and I'd like to encourage everyone to share their hobbies with other people, no matter how weird or nerdy or plain insane. Until next time, keep corrupting your friends!


  1. And if you think that was something you should see me play Monopoly. I'll do anything for any one of my friends, but I'm such a bastard when I play games!

    Thanks for spreading the virus buddy. I'm looking forward to more good times!

    P.S. To borrow your phrase, Timesifter is pretty gimmicky. Do not want.

  2. I have a new deck for you to try and beat, Its a green White Golem deck =) hehehehe

  3. Hey Anonymous, I know who you are! Hahaha