05 July 2011

I Don't Have a Spending Problem

I have a saving problem.

Had an awesome weekend, and as usual spent too much money on Magic.  My friend from home, who is now dating one of my ex-s, came to visit again.  We played a lot of said cardboard crack game. On Saturday I rediscovered a store at the Uniontown Mall called Sports Collector's Universe.  They have pretty good deals on all things Magic related. Ultra-pro deck boxes for $1-2, good card sleeves for $4/80 sleeves, boosters as far back as Fifth Edition and Ice Age and Homelands for $2.50 - $3 each. Fat Packs and Commander decks for $25, and booster boxes for $90.  Needless to say I spent too much there, not that they mind.

My one friend Gina, the actual before-mentioned ex, decided to split a New Phyrexia booster box for $45 each.  On top of that we were allowed to choose three other booster packs for free.  We choose a Zendikar, Conflux, and M11 pack.  Gina pulled an Eldrazi Monument:

I opened the M11 booster and pulled:

We promptly traded he two. The Conflux pack was a bit disappointing, and by that I mean there was no Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker in it.  Anywho, we proceeded to open the booster box, each pulling a handful of mythics and generally good/useful cards in the process.  I now have both

I honestly like the regular version on the left better, as it shows Sheoldred better.  Not that I'm getting rid of the promo of course. I'll probably trade the regular one for an Emrakrul, the Aeons Torn that my friend pulled while sitting next to me.  And by friend, I mean the infamous Shane. There's a funny story there too.

Before going halfers on the booster box with Gina, I had picked up the stack of Rise of the Eldrazi boosters and said "Even though there could be an Emrakul right here in my hand, I'm better off buying him online." Ten minutes later Shane opens one of those very boosters and there's Emrakul.  Not. Cool.  Irony is a bitter-sweet thing, it really is.  As pissed as I was, it still makes me smile and laugh a bit. Shane has agreed to trade Emrakul to me for a healthy stack of cards, especially rares that I'm not ever going to use.  I'll now put a list of other good cards I got, though not all....would take too long.

Personally I want to make a helmet based on his head.

In other news I'm procrastinating badly on my paper for my graduation project, which hopefully will be done Friday.  I was doing decent work on it until I was pocket dialed by one of my other ex's psychotic mother.  I hate this foul, sub-human creature enough that it lost what little work ethic I had and started ranting a little about pocket dials on Facebook.  Now, I don't hate many people in the world, but I will openly admit despising this woman's existence.  Close friends know the reasons, and they all pretty well agree.  Oh well.

Anywho, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, assuming my few readers are all American, and if not, then I hope you at least had a great weekend anyway.


  1. All your Sheoldred are belong to me! Well, one of them anyway. When I saw Gaea's Revenge my first thought was "WHY DID I NOT GET THIS FOR MY EMRAKUL LAST NIGHT"...then I saw that you traded it. Bummer.

    Also, thanks for calling me "infamous". I lol'ed at the compliment.

  2. If you want it, Gina has it. As long as I'm not combo-ing it with Garruk, she might be willing.