06 June 2011

Wasting Away Again

Today is June 6th, the anniversary of D-day, one of the biggest and most complicated military actions the world has ever seen.  During World War II, this was the Allies' last chance to take Europe back from Hitler and his Nazi regime.  Failure was not an option. Young men on both sides, most probably younger than my 22 years, fought valiantly.  Yes, even the German troops should be recognized, for not all Germans were Nazis, and I'm sure not all those on the front lines agreed with everything Hitler did.  Either way, no matter where in the world you live, today should be a celebration of Liberty, and the hope that it will always prevail, and that someday, we'll perfect it.

In other news, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3.  This time of year is more exciting than Christmas for most avid gamers.  I think one of this years biggest buzzes is what Nintendo is going to release next.  It's been five years since the Wii was released, the average lifespan of a Nintendo console.  There's speculation that we'll get a beefier Wii, dubbed Wii 2 or WiiHD.  The writers over at Gamesradar think we'll get something even better.  Nintendo has stated it won't  release a console that doesn't do things completely different from the Wii, so suspicion turns towards an HD powerhouse similar to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  One of the writers suggests that the new console's name will simply be "Nintendo," raising the points that Nintendo tried not to associate their name with Wii very much at any point, keeping it casual for casual gamers.  Now, they think the big N is trying to win back the "hardcore" gamers, with the machine that should have followed up the Nintendo Gamecube.
Either way, I'm pretty psyched to see what tricks Nintendo pulls, even though I won't be able to afford a new console for a long time.

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  1. I too am excited to see what Nintendo will unveil. I'm a PS3 gamer more than anything, but I do love me some Mario Kart Wii, or New Super Mario Brothers, or...well, pretty much any game with Mario in the title. Most of the others suck because Nintendo let any Joe 2-Bit with a computer background make games. I hope they come out swinging because I love how innovative they are.