07 June 2011

Nintendo's E3 2011 Opening

These are notes I took on my cracked iPod Touch during the live webcast

E3 Nintendo
Zelda concerts worldwide + CDs
Sept. Four Sword free on DSi
Dec. Skyward Sword

Satoru Iwata
To serve every player
Luigi's Mansion 2?

Reggie Fils-Ime
3DS for everyone
-Mario kart
  This holiday season
-Star Fox 64
  Use system as control yoke
  Your face and voice linked to your ship
-Super Mario 3D
  Before end of year
-Kid Icarus Uprising
  3v3 multiplayer battle
  3d cards
-Luigi's Mansion 2
  Several new mansions
-Resident Evil mercs & revelations
Mario & Sonic Olympics
Ace combat
Cave story
Driver renegade
MGS snake eater

3DS Virtual Store
-Pokemon enhanced Pokedex "Pokedex 3D" Nintendo eShop only

Wii U
Controller has 6.2in touch screen & classic buttons
Can play whole game on controller
Drawing pad, board games
Video calls
Backwards compatible
can transmit HD to TV

Smash Bros. For both Wii U & 3DS
-will work together somehow

LEGO City Stories for Wii U and 3DS

Darksiders 2
Assassin's creed
Ghost recon online 
Batman arkham
Dirt Codemasters
Aliens Colonial Marines
 Last Light
Ninja Gaiden 3


  1. Luigi's Mansion 2? Please, no. Also, I think the 6.2 inch touchscreen on a controller is a terrible idea.

    On the other hand, loving a reboot of Star Fox 64 (completely obsessed with that game as a kid) and the backwards compatibility of Wii U. Will it also still play GameCube games? If so, then Nintendo wins in my book because X360 isn't very backwards compatible, and my Sony PS3 is not compatible at all (bastards).

  2. The controller does seem incredible bulky, but if you watch the videos of what it does, you can see that it has potential to revolutionize how we play games.
    I like that if need be, you can transfer the whole game to the controller in the event that someone wants to watch the TV you're playing on.

    Check it out: http://e3.nintendo.com/

  3. It's innovative and possibly revolutionary, but complicated controls are my biggest pet peeve. It's why I will never own a DS or 3DS. I am liking some of what I see on this site, however. Skyward Sword looks awesome, and the new Kirby.

  4. The only DS controls I ever had real trouble with were in my demo version of Metroid Prime: Hunters that came bundled with the system. Always felt like an extra hand would be useful with that one. Other than that, I probably play my DS more than my Wii. Granted most of my games can be controlled with the regular buttons instead of the stylus.

  5. Ironically I spent a good deal of this weekend with my 10-year-old cousin and his 3DS, so I became very accustomed to the controls. Maybe they aren't so so bad after all.

  6. The 3DS even added a joystick similar to the PSP's, I imagine that helps a great deal.