01 June 2011

Keeping In Touch

A little late, but thanks to all the Veterans out there!  Even if you don't agree with war, you have to respect what these men and women do.

Been a while, haven't had much to talk about, still don't actually.  The past week or so has been relatively uneventful but I did learn how to play the Pokemon TCG.  And not the shitty new Pokemon, I mean the original cards. I've had a Base 2 deck for years but never really learned the game.  This past weekend my friend and I were drinking and playing Magic the Gathering, he decided to teach me how to play with that Base 2 deck and one I had built from collection.  Apparently having 3 Mewtwos in you deck is a dick move, but oh well, muahaha!

Sadly there's been no fencing practice the past 2 weeks.  Last week the marshal couldn't make it and this week was a holiday.

That's all I've got for now, stay cool in this heat and drink lots of H2O!


  1. I remember Base Set 2! Wow, it's been forever since I had Pokemon cards. Or Yu-Gi-Oh cards, I did a lot more YGO dueling than Pokemon battling. Never got into Magic though.

  2. Magic is my preference. There's more strategy. Pokemon is much more relaxing to play though.

  3. Pokemon is just fun. Brings back good childhood memories.