10 April 2011

Spreading Blades...and Hysteria of Course

     There's a reason I included "Blades" in the name of this blog.  This is because I like sword fighting.  I've been practicing rapier combat through the SCA for about three years now.  I've made a lot friends through it, and the best is, they don't mind when I stab them repeatedly.  Of course, they get to stab me as well, but that's what makes it fun.
     Yesterday, myself and a few others did a fencing demo for whole bunch of BSA Venture Crews.  There were about 400 Scouts at the camp, and we got about sixty of them to play with epees and watch us fight. We had the interested kids write down their names, emails and zip codes so we could help them find local groups to play with.
Sorcha and Adlewolf face off for a group of Venture Scouts.
     I felt pretty good about the whole thing since I'm an Eagle Scout.  I know Venturing works a little different, but I miss the atmosphere of Scout camps...other than the swampiness.  It's a general rule of thumb that land donated to Scouting is almost uninhabitable and useless for anything more productive, but the camps can still be very scenic.
     In other news, there's been much discussion in my SCA "kingdom" about whether or not we need to require "authorization" in epee and foil, also known as "light" blades.  Essentially, in AEthelmearc fencing, you must start with a light blade, and prove that you're safe with it by authorizing.  Once you've done this, you can play with "heavy" blades, which are more true to classical swords in weight, design, and technique.  I found it interesting that at this weekend's demo, people who've never held either type of sword before like the heavy weapons better, stating that while they're heavier, there's "more control" and it "feels better."  I feel this trumps all the current arguments for keeping light blades as a requirement in our kingdom.
     I feel like I had more to discuss, but it's slipped my mind, trying to do too much at once I suppose.  Anywho for anyone who enjoys cars and racing, check out the links below.

Awesome video from this weekend's F1 race in Malaysia:
More details about the race can read at XPSMclaren.

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