23 April 2011

My Week and Weekend So Far

My it's been a while. Afraid my life isn't terribly exciting.  Anywho, since we last spoke,
     My car, a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT sedan, has blown its 3rd motor.  Yes, 3rd.  The first motor broke a valve spring within a few weeks of buying the vehicle. The 2nd motor's camshaft bearings went bad seven months after installing it. Yes it was a used motor.  Motor 3, the current one, has lasted about eleven months and is now draining coolant into the oil pan. Hooray!  Head gasket? Probably. Top or bottom seal? Hopefully.  Going to attempt fixing it before looking for a replacement. Though any suggestions on a reliable vehicle with a manual trans,  and hopefully a V6 would be nice.
     Last weekend was the Queen's Rapier Championship (yes more sword fighting).  I didn't make as far as I would have liked, I feel I shouldn't have lost to who I did.  Even my friends in the crowd didn't expect me to lose to that particular opponent.  It was a best 2 of 3 deal, she won the first two, barely and questionably, and then we did a third match for fun in which I destroyed her within seconds.  Must have lost my focus or something.
     Today my mom came out to visit and we decided to go hike and bike at Ohiopyle, despite that it was raining in the morning.
We walked in the rain for a little bit along the Youghiogheny River, but then the clouds cleared and the sun came out, making it almost too hot.  

     We continued down a ways past the first falls. We saw some large puddles teeming with tiny tadpoles.  Even saw a salamander.

After the falls we got the bikes out and went for a ride down an old Western Maryland RR trail.  Saw a lot of cool rock formations, including some exposed coal veins.  Saw some chipmunks and even a garter snake.  Anywho, I'm now with a bunch of friends, drinking, and watching Adult Swim. Good times.  Here are some more photos for your general enjoyment.


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