02 April 2011

Going the Distance?

I must say, one of the downsides of attending college several hundred miles from home greatly complicates the aspect of having a relationship.  At one point, there was a girl back home who wanted to date, and I wanted to date her too, but I’d only be able to see her on major holidays.  We eventually did decide to date toward the end of the semester, and it went well for a while.  The relationship fell apart for other reasons.
Now I’m faced with a similar issue. There’s a girl who lives near college who may want to date, but I’m about ready to graduate and may end up being far away for a long time.  We have quite a few common interests, one of which is cuddling.  Yes, I like to cuddle.  Problem with that is, we don’t know if either of us could go those long periods of time not seeing each other, without finding someone else to cuddle.
I’m worried that attempting to date will lead to disaster, but going back to just friends might make it awkward as well.  I’m personally not sure what I want.  Being single, I like that the option to cuddle with any willing girl is there.  At the same time, it’s nice having someone you know is just for you and cares about you and all that good stuff.

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