14 May 2011

Wicky Wacky Womboozles

I really should get a more consistent posting schedule going.  Anywho...

Monday night's fencing practice went pretty well.  There were 9 fencers including me, this week I plan on taking my one friend along as well and hopefully soon I can get my Marshal Warrant for the East so I can have more than one practice a week.  The East fencers are a nice enough group, though I don't think the majority of my local group is much more experienced than I am.  They also didn't seem thrilled at the idea of melee and made comments about Aethlemaercians (how do you spell that?) loving melee.  I can't say this analysis is wrong, as much of our practices at Silva Vulcani, especially in the Spring, focus on melee and in turn Pennsic.  I hope as the summer drags on, if I'm still around and not off doing an internship (which would be better for me actually), That I can get the local group more focused on melees and the like. However, I also don't want to hijack the practice from the existing marshals.

In other news, the new motor is in my car, but it's not up and running yet.  We found a compatible motor from a 2003 Impala with only 81k miles on it, less than my odometer reads. (yay!)  Tomorrow will see an excursion to a you-pull-it junkyard in hopes of finding some exhaust manifold bolts that broke as well any other knick-knacks of interest.  I hope to have the car running by the middle of next week if not sooner.

Today was spent doing yard work at my grandmom's house.  We spread out both new topsoil and lots of mulch and planted Impatiens in appropriate flower beds. She used to have an above-ground swimming pool but decided to get rid of it due to her age (currently 83).  The spot where the pool sat was empty for a while and her seven kids decided to get her dirt and grass seed for Mother's Day. (She has everything else =P )

That's all I have for now, go have fun!


  1. Car troubles suck, hope you get it running soon. Also, shame about that above-ground pool...if it was still up we know where the party would be! I'm sure your grandma wouldn't mind, right?

  2. Also, consider removing the captcha option from your comments. Google's captchas are notorious for crapping the bed - took 3 tries to post a comment and will probably take 3 for this one too haha.

  3. I do hope you get an internship, tho. I worry about that. Because, well, that is what I do.

    Excellent news about the practice; but I do hope they turn some focus one melee because you will all want to be reader for war. I think we're for the East this year? So your new friends will be on your side?

    Sometimes I would be happy with less melee, because I like single fighting...I feel that is where I improve the most. But melee is important, and a lot of people love it.

    Lots of awesome news, dear.