03 March 2012

Wage Slave Dance

I'm sitting at a Home Depot store meeting. It's 6:20AM on a Sunday. It's only been nine hours since my last shift ended yesterday and I'm running on five hours' sleep.

One of our managers is droning on about departments making "plan," or their expected sales. Overall, it's stuff I personally don't care about.

I've decided that Home Depot feeds off the crushed hopes and dreams of its employees. Most of the people here aren't here by choice, I know of at least two in particular that graduated from college with cool degrees, ended up here, and got stuck. I'm desperate not to end up like that. There are also plenty of people here who should be, and some who were, retired. For the most part it's a dead-end-job kind of place but the management tries so hard to care and be enthusiastic about it.

When I started here I felt pretty good about the job, but lately I'm just full of loathing and spite for the place. Maybe it's the drive, maybe it's cause I'd rather be running an SEM, I don't know.

Now we're watching a video on FIRST, Home Depot's customer service concept. I just watched this in my initial training in August. No one here cares, they're watching the video but there's no interest in their eyes. The little scenes are poorly scripted and staged and don't reflect reality very well.


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  1. Aye it sucks. McD ain't much better. Someday we will get out, we are too smart for our jobs